Psychotherapy cannot be scheduled online.  

Please email Alicia at [email protected] to inquire about beginning this service.  

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Psychotherapy/Counseling (55 minutes for $120)

Psychotherapy is a partnership!  We will work together to help you move toward the life you wish to lead!  

Individual psychotherapy is available for individuals ages 7 and older. Psychotherapy interventions can range from preventive in nature, to focused on symptom-reduction and skill-development, to evidence-based intervention to address moderate to severe symptoms, problems, or concerns.

For children and preteens, therapy can address any symptoms or concerns present, respond to and treat trauma, assist in navigating life-changes,  provide support during times of grief and loss, and much more. Therapy with youth can include parents/caregivers in order to partner together in best supporting the youth.

For teens and adults, we will partner as you process the past, make the changes you desire in the present, release limiting beliefs, and move in the direction of a bright and fulfilling future! Participants of psychotherapy can choose to incorporate hypnotherapy into their ongoing care, if desired.

Psychotherapy can be short-term (a few sessions), addressing immediate issues, or long-term (months or years), addressing longstanding and complex concerns, symptoms, or needs. We will plan the goals of your treatment together!  Arrangements for how often and how long we will meet will planned together.   

Clients provide Payment in full at each session.

 Flex Spending and Health Savings Cards can be used to pay for sessions.