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NOTE:  To ask questions about hypnotherapy before scheduling, please email Alicia with questions at [email protected]  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is challenging for Alicia to respond to voicemail with questions.  A phone call can be scheduled via email if questions are unable to be answered through email. 

Hypnosis Session.....$160

We all have the power to healing ourselves through hypnotherapy! This type of session addresses a multitude of concerns or areas of desired growth (see What Can Hypnotherapy Address section), utilizing the individual's own thoughts, desires, and words to optimize healing. Your session includes a 30-40 minute consultation followed by a 50-60 minute hypnotherapy session. 

Healing Regression Hypnosis Session…..$180

Requested to aid an individual with healing from current life bothersome experiences, emotional wounds, and adverse experiences. Includes a 15 minute consultation, 60 minute hypnotherapy session, and 15 minutes post-hypnotherapy processing session.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session…..$180

Requested when someone wants to experience a past life to validate that a soul's journey is continuous or if the individual has awareness of a “block” in their current life and would like to discover if it is linked to a past life, allowing for healing in this lifetime. Includes a 15 minute consultation, 60 minute regression session, and 15 minutes post-regression processing session.

Joint Past Life Regression Session.....$200

Requested when two people want to experience a past lifetime they previously shared together. Includes a 15 minute consultation, 60 minute regression session, and a 15 minute post-regression processing session. Both participants should have experienced their own individual Past Life Regression prior to scheduling this type of session.  To ensure this, in order to schedule this session please text or email Alicia with your request (see Contact and Location Information page).  

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Session.....$300

Quit smoking FOREVER!  This session includes a pre-session questionnaire, a 30 minute interview/consultation, and a 90 minute hypnosis session.  You will be so pleased with the results because you WILL be a NON-SMOKER!   

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Fees accepted via Cash, Check, Credit, Flexible Spending Account, or Health Saving Account.

Flex Spending & Health Saving Accounts cannot be use for Past Life Regression.

Please note: To avoid paying the cost of your service in-full, please cancel with 24-hour notice. All Late Cancellations and No-Shows will have the cost of the session billed to the credit card used when scheduling.